I will be in beautiful little ONEONTA, NEW YORK, to run this millenium’s second annual kinda official reunion for THE NEW YORK STATE MUSIC CAMP.

Lots of details but you probably only want to know the dates so that you can try to break into my home and steal every last chunk of outdated technology with which it is filled.

Based on what I know about tech – and it’s a goodly amount – you will likely clear almost $50 for all the gear in my home.  Ain’t no Imitation Game goin’ on in MY place! Nyahnyahnyahhhh!

Image thanks to http://io9.com/the-history-of-early-computing-machines-from-ancient-t-549202742
No, that is NOT what my living room looks like.  This image comes from here, and I am grateful to them for putting it up: http://io9.com/the-history-of-early-computing-machines-from-ancient-t-549202742

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